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Ellen Mary Elizabeth

Allow eme to guide you back to your natural state of joy and wellbeing.  She will assist you in creating a personalized emotional wisdom program to uplevel your happiness setpoint from stress state to flow state.  Book a single session if you already have a steady heart-brain coherence practice and just need a boost back to inner alignment, or consider a one- to two-month guidance package tailored to you specifically, or gift one to a family member or person in need. 

Rekindle the magic of being alive 

and enjoy life as never before!

Life brings with it many challenges and eme can help quickly turn your perspective from a “problem mind set” to an “opportunity mind set.”  Schedule a mentoring session in advance or contact her when you feel your vibration slipping from flow and heart coherence to stress and imbalance.  She shares tips and techniques to keep your vibrational field radiating strongly.  After just one session you’ll be back in flow and on to creating the life of your dreams!

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(eight in-depth sessions, specifically tailored to each individual)
In this offering, sessions build upon one another to empower anyone to uplevel any lower emotional setpoint or tendencies to happiness and flow. Eme has the intuitive ability to see someone at their highest potential and draw that forth from whomever she interacts with.  Each person is different and so these sessions are custom tailored to the precise desires and outcomes anticipated for each individual.  Based on your life interests, current emotional setpoint and habits, eme will create a personalized emotional wisdom empowerment program designed to work specifically for you.
Note: the program only works if you make a dedicated commitment to be fully engaged in upleveling your setpoint!  After one to two months, the brain-heart-body neurological networks are shifted to living in Flow, and you get to enjoy being unconditionally happy and self-empowered every day as the result!
Help a person from an at-risk environment learn to shift their emotional setpoint and perspective from a “problem mind set” to an “opportunity mind set.”  Teaching emotional empowerment techniques to teens and struggling adults in impoverished settings helps reduce drug-abuse, suicide, and violence and thus, in turn, reduces these costs to society. Eme makes herself available to help on an as-needed basis, your contribution allows her to make a bigger positive impact. Thank you!!

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A portion of the proceeds eme receives for her mentoring services offered through Human Harmonics is donated to help at-risk populations. For each session booked, she flows-it-forward by making her services free of charge for a person in need. Donations for this community service are also appreciated. Thank you for your interest in living in Flow!

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What Others Are Saying:

Ellen is what I would term “an uplifter” and “agent of happiness.” She has done her own deep spiritual work and walks her talk of unconditional joy.  At this time on the planet, we deeply need individuals like Ellen to spread their message and presence as creative uplifters.

Françoise E Netter, President, Body/Mind Dynamics Inc, Author, Workshop Presenter, Educator

Ellen’s joy and happiness are contagious!  She uplifts my spirits and emotional state every time I’m with her.  I feel empowered by her wisdom and the ‘tools’ she teaches me… about our vibrational levels.  She reminds me how to return to that higher vibration of joy and happiness, with gentle loving reminders of how our inner state is always a ‘choice’ regardless of our circumstances. I feel blessed to know this enlightened being who I believe is one of the leaders here to help us through these challenging times.

D.S. , New Mexico

I met Ellen during a crucial turning point in my life, and I’m forever grateful that I did! She showed me a new way of perceiving and being in the world, one that focused on empowerment and love. Through her teachings and guidance, I was able to transform my experience of being alive!  I can now consciously witness the magic and see life as an incredible miracle and blessing unfolding perfectly in each new moment. Thank you Ellen!

S.S., Colorado

Ellen Mary Elizabeth

ellen mary elizabeth, M.E.M., holds a B.A. from Penn State and a master’s degree from Duke University. She currently creates social and emotional learning curriculum for universities, communities and corporations, and works as flow state consultant for individuals and small groups. She is a certified kundalini yoga breathwork instructor, a laughter yoga facilitator, and has been dedicated to her spiritual path for over three decades. With a lifelong interest in cultivating the highest in human potential, ellen mary elizabeth loves nothing more than to share the art of living in flow.