From the perspective of the eternal NOW, we are infinite beings of consciousness and vibrational energy and are beyond the constraints of time and space.  However, since we chose to experience expressing in a physically oriented linear way, it is helpful to take a moment and RESET, REBALANCE and REAFFIRM our truest nature as we embark on the next trip around the sun.   

Conventional motivational approaches to changing habits rarely last beyond the first month or two largely because they aren’t inspired by love and excitement, but by lack and a perceived need that we aren’t quite good enough somehow and need to be better.   

When instead we pause and acknowledge the bigger picture and draw on the power of the unlimited, eternal aspects of ourselves anything is possible!  In fact, we can (and do) create whatever we focus on through our physical self…these “human units,” both individually and through mass consciousness.  

The catch is that we often unintentionally flip from focusing on what we DO WANT to focusing on what we DON’T WANT, and so get mixed results.  Then we look at the mix of outcomes and declare we aren’t actually the creators of our own reality but the victims of it, solely because we aren’t mindfully mastering our awareness of our vibrational offering (thus limiting our ability to receive and live our preferred lives).

So let’s make this year different!  Let’s get really clear on honing in on the power to live empowered no matter what outer conditions may be.  And then the benefit of that mastery comes to be seen in a tangible way as outer conditions magically become more pleasing, supportive and expansive than ever before!  

2021 Self Mastery Plan
Step One:  

(disclaimer: there’s only one step but you do it forever lol!) 

As soon as you start to feel “off” or contracted, focus on finding relief
  • Allow yourself to feel what you are feeling.
  • Avoid venting, complaining, commiserating or taking action.
  • Avoid spiraling into denser vibrations by catching your lack thoughts early and consistently flipping them before they manifest into some kind of matching form of lack.  
  • Breathe deeply three times and soothe yourself in positive ways.  
  • Notice where the tension is in your body, breathe deeply and squeeze the muscles in that area and send the emotion love and allow it to release.  
  • Breathe, exhale and hold your breath out.  Affirm that you already have or are the desire.  It replaces the lack with your NOW decision. “The Truth is I AM abundant…  I AM loved…I AM whole and complete…I AM powerful beyond measure.”  Breathe in. (This sequence helps neutralize the old trigger.)  Repeat until you feel a genuine release and a complete shift.
  • Only talk to/engage with friends who are in a higher vibrational state than you presently are to avoid slipping into an emotional spiral downward.  If not available, better to work it out within yourself first.
  • When you are able to, raise your vibration by listening to uplifting music, going for a walk, meditating, giving yourself a hug, petting an animal, taking a hot bath, journaling, reading something spiritual, etc.  Whatever works for you!
  • When you get back to Neutral again and are feeling at peace, raise your vibration even higher by focusing on what you are grateful for in general ways. 
  • Amplify it even more by focusing on specifics that bring you joy (without resistance). If some of the specifics re-trigger you back to lack in any way, stay general with your positive focus to build momentum.

A contracted emotion is not good or bad, or right or wrong.  It is not telling you that a situation or a person is good or bad, or right or wrong.  It is just telling you that what you are currently thinking about is not in alignment with the broader, higher self perspective that is the TRUER , empowered, wiser version of you.  

Emotions are indicators.  Conditions are neutral.

Each of us assign meaning to our emotions and the conditions in our lives. 

E-motions are “energy in motion.”  They are always changing, they aren’t who you are or who anybody else is.  Conditions are always changing too.  The key to having conditions that flow in our favor in our lives is using our emotions as guides to align with our natural state of well being.  Alignment is always a choice in the Now.

Here is a phrase that you can use to get out of a lack vibe and RESET quickly:

“When I feel bad, it just means it’s not true.”

Meaning…it’s valid to feel what I’m feeling, but this emotion is simply telling me I am at variance between my personality and my larger Self.  I am a spiritual being, and nothing or no one needs to change for me to feel at peace right now.  It’s an inside job.  Once I shift to a frequency of inner alignment, the world I see and experience will shift and people, places, things, times and events will appear in ways that seem to conspire in my favor.  If I practice this long enough, my emotional setpoint will be at a new frequency on an ongoing basis and I can really enjoy my life as never before!

The cosmos is a mirror.  When you smile at a mirror you get a smile back, you can’t frown and expect the reflection to smile back…
  1. CHECK IN OFTEN: what truly lights you up and makes you feel happy to be alive?
  2. TAKE INSPIRED ACTION: Act at any moment you can on whatever contains your highest passion or more excitement than anything else at that particular time.  (You always know if the excitement is a genuine soul desire because everyone benefits and/or no one loses.  If it’s the excitement linked with avoidance or addiction it eventually causes harm to yourself or others.)
  3. ENGAGE 100 PERCENT and FOLLOW THE FEELING UNTIL IT SHIFTS: in whatever circumstances present themselves to you follow the feeling of excitement the best you are able to, take the inspired action to the farthest extent that you can and do it no further.
  4. KEEP CHECKING IN AND ACTING ON WHAT FEELS BEST TO YOU: keep acting on the thing that excites you more than anything else, with greatest love and highest integrity.
  5. REPEAT JOYFULLY: take inspired actions over and over again following your passion with no assumption or insistence as to what the outcome ought to be.
  6. INTEND AND EXPECT WITH FLEXIBLE ENTHUSIASM: use your spiritual and emotional balancing tools to stay in a positive state no matter what happens.  You and the world at large will always benefit by doing so!

How does this apply in my life?  I create my day each day the way I feel most inspired to.  I focus on gratefulness when I wake up and before I go to sleep and often throughout the day.  I write and otherwise create when I feel like I’m in the mood to and that’s usually when I feel a sense of inner goodness and wellbeing that I want to share with others.  I spend a lot of time in nature, both when it’s beautiful outside and when I just need to go for a walk and connect and shift from a “doing” mode back to simply “being.”  I do yoga or qi gong or stretch or dance about the house or go for a run, not on any schedule, just when I feel like doing them.   I make plans with friends and loved ones when it feels like a Yay or a Yes! and not out of obligation.  I remain cheerful and flexible when plans change.  I read and study and watch spiritual shows on Gaia until my interest starts to wane, and then I take a break and make some tea or meditate or begin something else that’s interesting. I skip and make myself smile by being silly.  I make choices that feel aligned with my highest purpose and highest values as often as I can without being rigid.  I put love and appreciation into the food I shop for, prepare, eat and share.  

When resistance sometimes arises when learning a new program, dealing with uncertainty, changing a habit or embarking on a detox diet of some sort, I take the time to shift my mindset so I engage in whatever I am doing with a sense of appreciation and positive expectancy. If the resistance lingers I allow it and ask if there is something my personality is needing that I am not listening to.  I turn the situation into a positive game or opportunity when I pay bills or go to the store.  I sometimes ask myself “How much fun can this become?”  Or “How good can it get?”  And not surprisingly, the intention often makes it so!

And if on those rare moments when I feel at the lower end of the emotional guidance scale, I allow myself to reset and rebalance: I take a hot bath or shower, journal it out, hug a tree, call a high vibe friend, watch an Abraham Hicks youtube or a movie, look at images of of cute animals on the internet, go for a walk, do laughter yoga, do something small that interests me or dream about something big I’ve never done before, do tapping or marma points, look in the mirror and say “I love you,” read a passage from a spiritual text, read lists of positive aspects, smell a flower, do something kind for another or the earth, light a candle, wash dishes, meditate on the grass and/or take a nap!  

Then I reaffirm what I know to be True: 

  • we are all powerful beyond measure.
  • the present is not a result of the past.               (existence isn’t linear!)
  • it’s a multidimensional universe and I’m a multidimensional being.
  • I can have, be or do anything I believe and choose consistently without contradiction.
  • I am here for the joy of it and I will naturally learn and grow as I go.
  • we are all more than enough, we are gods and goddesses in expression!
  • it always feels better when I choose love.

All our power is indeed in the Now, but when we can’t seem to raise our vibration this instant, we can take heart that every tomorrow allows us to begin anew. 

A grateful heart leads to a great-full start!

much love and many blessings on the journey Home, where the larger part of us already lives!

 ~ ellen mary elizabeth