February is here and with it comes the loving and intuitive 2 energy. This energy encourages you to find balance and harmony in your life.  It asks you to be patient and kind. It is supportive, considerate and trustworthy. It connects you to your intuition for guidance instead outside of using validation.  It emphasizes your partnerships and connections and it loves fiercely and completely. 

So, how do you take advantage of this beautiful energy available to you?  For many, this energy immediately brings to mind romantic love as many celebrate Valentine’s Day throughout the world.  That is certainly one aspect of this 2 energy that can be amazing and magical, but it offers you more than that. It offers you a chance to truly honor and love yourself. By loving yourself, you are in alignment with who you truly are and that is your super power!  At your core, you are pure LOVE.  And, by loving yourself you open the doors to creating an amazing life and fulfilling your dreams.

So, what does it look like when you love yourself?  This will look different for everyone, but know that this 2 energy is guiding you. It is creating an opportunity for you to see how you are (or are not) loving yourself.  Ask yourself these questions:

How are you…

  •       Creating balance and harmony in your life? 
  •       Being patient and kind with yourself? 
  •       Being supportive and considerate of your needs?
  •       Trusting yourself to know what is best for you?
  •       Taking time to connect and listen to your intuition?
  •       Loving who you are and not seeking outside validation?
  •       Creating loving and supportive partnerships?
  •       Loving yourself fiercely and completely?

Sit with these questions, considering each one.  Maybe you are doing great with some, but need some improvement with others. Regardless of how you answered each question, the key is to assess where you are with eyes of love and compassion and not with judgment. Know that, in all moments, you are doing your best.   Know that you are completely loved and supported in making any positive changes with this 2 energy available to us.