image by Brian Sandy

Well, folks, we are coming to the last Act in our Three Part Play called the Summer of Love…

September ushers in the final experience in “Retrograde Euphoria”, as now virtually (!) all the outer planets are congregating like a large weather wave as we once more, yes, come to another Fall Equinox…September 22nd.

Remember that when enter the Equinox-Solstice phases we are positioned at “turning points” in the Cosmic Cyclic Drama. So as Summer ends we find Libra as the equilibrium moment when all things begin to integrate and synthesize, organize and blend, into the preparation for Winter. As our earth begins Fall it is really the time when we are directing also towards Winter, solstice. Just like when Summer Solstice occurs, we move forward with three months culminating with The Fall equinox.

What is characteristic of this turning point is that our Sun-Earth Solar System aligns with what is known as the Super Galactic Center. This is the time when all our neighboring galaxies (30) mysteriously align with the 1st degree of Libra…a profound meeting of energetic systems that redirect our galactic future.

There was or is a book called “you are becoming a Galactic Human” that reflects this theme.

If you have been paying attention to Astronomy News, our scientists around the earth are everyday making astonishing discoveries (Is it true that there are six billion planets out there now comparable to earth?).Galaxies upon galaxies, Universes upon Universes. But the popular Galactic event nowadays concerns the Andromeda and (our) Milky Way Galaxies which are beginning to merge in Cosmic Space. What is Milkomeda is a great astronomical trivia question: Milko (Milky Way) is combining with Andro Meda. A great cosmic event is emerging. I did a painting of this years ago…it depicts the two Galaxies coming together with just a small space between them…just like in the old westerns our Stagecoach (Solar System) is hurtling at breakneck speed to get through the “gulch” before we get swallowed up by the cataclysmic happening. Is this yet another explanation of Climate change, health crisis and socio political conflict?

Anyway, as September rolls in the Consciousness of our planet is in a high level flux. Already in motion (or should I say, suspended animation?)is a massive planetary reality of all outer planets being in retrograde. Uranus, the rebel, finally agreed on August 15 to join the coalition forces of Chiron, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto..

This is like a profound alchemical mix of sympathetic planetary energies coming to a rare agreement of purpose and effort, developing a never seen before, witnessed, combination of rarefied cosmological intentions. It is like the very Gods of Mythos themselves pooling their initiatives in a brand new power pack. Will this be to help save humanity? Or destroy it?

So speaking of destroying our classical Rascal, Rogue, planet Mars (already having fun in its own home Aries) is also pulling a fast one, that is, choosing to retrograde on September 9. Thus, from the 9th through the 12th of September, the most intense arrangement of planetary bodies will be in collective unison as the Retrograde

Symphony(!)But now hold on, our newest planetary factor, Eris, is ALSO retrograde (since July 2020). She is the goddess of war being Mars sister (he being the god of war).  Astrologers have been calling this a very dramatic “family reunion.” So what happens when these two unite, in the sign Aries (About Self, independence, pioneering adventures)? Eris, for the record, began its transit in Aries way back between 1922-26…Its orbit is about 557 years around the Sun, slightly larger than Pluto, and about twice as far the distance from it.

So, let’s see, Eris, Mars, Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Chiron and Ceres, the Asteroid (in 1801 it was considered a planet and may very well be designated as such in the future!) All retrograde! Ironically, the inner planets, Mercury and Venus, are staying out of this mix. We always hear of Mercury retrograde (3 times a year) and occasionally Venus-but not this September. The Sun and Moon do not retrograde, unless you do heliocentric astrology, which is a whole other perspective. (In a heliocentric chart, your Sun sign is reversed. So in our regular astrological charts when one has a Scorpio Sun, in heliocentric you would become a Taurus. That is your “earth” would be in Taurus. Heliocentric astrologers assess that we are born on the Sun!)

Anyway, production is telling me that we haven’t included the other new far away planet, Sedna, which ALSO goes retrograde in September (Adds new meaning to “See you in September”…)

Sedna (see DNA or Sedona without the O) is the first female deity of non Graeco-Roman origin. She comes from the mythology of the Inuit. I call her the “Eternal Feminine”, or presider over “Space Water”. The analogy here is that she is a more vast component of Cosmic consciousness and awareness, a new Feminine as it were. She and Eris are both additions to the planetary Pantheon that balance out the masculine preponderence So it is with the new world arising. Sedna’s orbit is way out there at the edges of our Solar System before it hits interstellar Space. Sedna entered Taurus in 1965.  Wow! So now our September dance card is overflowing with planetary retrogrades.

Sedna, Eris, Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Mars…Good Golly!!!

So we will be cruising along with this rare collection of planetary cards, making deep impressions and impacts on our collective unconscious. Social, Political, Environmental, historical, 

spiritual systems totally in review.. (And we thought it was the virus thing…)

And the Election hasn’t even come up yet!

It looks like the first two weeks will be momentous.

And we start off September with a rather curious Full Moon in Pisces.

On the first of September there will also be a wonderful Mercury trine Pluto, suggesting an amazing time for starting or completing the Great American Novel (there’s plenty of material available!) Long with the Full Moon theme of Sacrifice-Pisces and Service-Virgo there will be plenty of other alignments as well. This Full Moon will be catching a few rays from Neptune in Pisces, the planet of Divinity and Bliss. The Sun will be in Virgo trine Uranus, good for eccentric genius moments and original artwork, inventions, creative cooking, or radical social justice promotions!

Mercury will be trine Saturn (trines are 120 harmony aspects) and in essence will be expressing an incredible Grand Trine Alignment with Sedna in Taurus. What a wealthy time these first few days of September promise!!!Communication is beyond excellent, and even the weakest nervous systems will rehabilitate.

Now remember VIRGO is the Archetype sign of Health, diet, and hygiene. It is a really clean sign. It entered on August 22nd so you have already perhaps begun careful analysis of what brings you healthy living. It is the sign that rules the Abdomen/belly, intestines, where the Universal Chi is located. Macrobiotic philosophy idealizes this are as the place where the Solar System revolves around. I might add that the infamous 666 is a reference to this zone (not for ill either). In ancient times, physicians and other practitioners measured the body from head (1) to toe (1000), 666 was most likely considered to be the most sacred zone, hence the Biblical reference and admonition was not to mess with this..

Carlos Castaneda seems to point this out as the area of will or volition, or in other terms, having the guts to move forward, or “the intestinal fortitude”. The Military is ruled by the sign Virgo.

But the month ahead also reveals one’s personal magic, the apothecary so to speak. Adepts and Masters have strong Virgo components

When the original four Asteroid goddesses appeared, Juno, Pallas, Ceres, and Vesta, they were postulated to be the true rulers of Virgo. I tend to agree: Motherhood, grains, harvests, virtues-virgins, and pure female symbols. To me, I have ever since called them the “Eyes of the Zodiac”(Something like seeing with holy eyes, “washed by the blood of the Lamb.”) Cleansing, chastity, holiness, virtue, and especially the dual words of Discretion and Discrimination are all this sign’s affirmations and realms.

So then one might say this is the month of cleansing, and purification..

I also find it ironically interesting that Labor Day (Sept 7) is clearly a Virgo holiday. How many Virgoans do you know who work hard, and love it, and celebrate the higher qualities of and dedication to service. That phrase, choosing God or Mammon applies here. Also, Work and health are synonymous. If you love the work you do, you will be very healthy. You know, when the Disney dwarves go off “whistling while they work.” Where did they ever get that phrase “It’s a labor of Love” Must have been a Virgo.. I remember too, that if you were dating a Virgo, and you were not going to be there on time, or not even make it, the only legitimate excuse was that you had to work..(yet don’t ever lie to a Virgo because that would be a total blasphemy insult!!!)

Ok, then, you get the idea..

My producer is again reminding me to not to forget to mention what will happen on September 12th.

On the 9th Mars goes retro but, what in the world!!??On the ninth the Sun is trine Jupiter, a royal decision will be made, but when will it be carried out?

The clue? Just a few days later..

One of the big guys is making a move. By Jove, its Jupiter!!!After a strong September 10 compound communications (Gemini Moon) on the 11th national and family matters will be addressed in the inner cave realms (tribes?)(Cancer moon)..the Moon will be soothing the outer planets group from then to the 12th (for the women a good hair day), but wait, something in the astrological horse race is going on. Up until the 12th it was “Retrograde Euphoria”, but something seems to be expanding, or increasing its effect, its movement. Jupiter, the planet of Expansion, Heat, Increase, Fortune is GOING DIRECT. Good Lord in Heaven what’s happening??!!

At 5:41 pm /8:41 pm (West/East)(Sept 12) Jupiter decides to take the lead and jumps out ahead to lead the massive planetary group in the cosmic race.

Everyone is stunned.

The Largest planet starts to take charge. The Thunder God Himself (from “The Gladiators”), Zeus, Thor

This portends to be a most major shift in World Politics. Jupiter rules politicians (“hot air”!!)

So our country is suddenly going to be amazed at the turn of politics. Just a few days ago on the 9th the Royal Family made a huge decision when the Sun was 120 to Jupiter. Now the wheels are set in motion, as Jupiter is elected by the retrograde planets in full support and unison…

This transit will now supercede all others, and the energetic pattern of Jupiter, the Rx planet, will lead the pack until the end of September when Saturn picks up the cue and also turns direct. So why this month is so important, especially politically, is because Jupiter, first, then Saturn, two weeks later (Sept 28-29), will be making their separate moves, like some great adventure movie, synchronizing their fabled cycles (and heroics) to finally join together on December 21, in the Aquarius Age sign Aquarius, soon after the Winter Solstice commences. I invite you all to research the synodic cycle of Jupiter Saturn, and find your own conclusions about its historical impact on presidential selections!

So if you are writing the Great American Novel September will be the month of great transitions and wake up calls to the American public. One might say that the US election will really be decided in September (is this about the ballots?)

So by the end of this year our Aquarian Age principles (2000 years into the future), have to emerge, and be introduced for real. So as the last September phase of the “Summer of Love” concludes, make sure you are choosing Love over fear because the world will be spinning out in new quantum equations. Create, play, sing, dance, Love One another. The Aquarius Age is all about brotherhood sisterhood, maybe Alienhood as well!!??

Another way of seeing the importance of Jupiter Saturn joining together is the old wisdom that claimed these two planets were symbolic of the King and Messiah.

This was how the ancient astrologers (3 Wise Men) knew where to find the baby Jesus, when the conjunction took place overhead (it took two years) over Bethlehem..


The Fire signs  Aries and Leo will animate mid September (more fun and frolicking I guess) Especially on the 14th-15th…If you can create a party or celebration these days, it will be a spiritual success for sure!

The 16th of September is kind of a mini review of Virgo principles. Work hard on that day to finish up important business matters. Virgo, by the way, rules Small Businesses, countless details and facts to collate and calibrate.

Here comes the Virgo New Moon on September 17. There will be a cazimi Moon, which is when the Moon is in the center of the Sun, bringing intensity of desire and purification. Classically a time of starting new things, but this month it must have the quality of a cosmic laser beam. You will want and need to be perfect, accurate, highly specific as to what you launch at this time. Kind of a James Bond kind of precision and timing, synchronizing of your watches. The Elemental worlds will be vibrating with magic and mystique.(Culminates 4 am west, 7 am east. Perhaps a morning ritual of sorts, celebrating the Earth…(?)Small animals appear like rabbits, squirrels, and petsin general are more activated…The Sun later on is trine to Saturn so it should be a famous day all things considered. Good day for science and realistic projects…

This new moon energy will carry the last two weeks of September until Oct 1, the Full Moon.

On the 18th,19th and 20th one might consider this period somewhat unstable, depending on how you handle your new moon.

This is especially true when the Moon goes into Libra right after the new moon and then has multiple hard aspects all day on the 18th. Not an easy day for Librans, who like to keep things in order and peaceful. When the Moon goes into Scorpio on the 19th (11:33 am west,2:33 pm east) the Coast is clear, and long kept secrets are revealed. But this time of revelation is meant to purge and redeem. This good and healthy transfiguration lasts through the 20th, and after a lot of purging on the 21st the Moon enters Sagittarius and we can dream again-you know, those lofty ones.

On the 22nd of September the Sun enters Libra, the Fall Equinox.

6:31am west 9:31pm east. Turning Point, if you recall. This begins the season of the Social Being. Summer is over and all your courtships in love come to a time of reconciliation, that is, who will be your partner this Fall/ Libra is the quintessential sign of Partnerships (including business) and Marriage. But now its time to get serious. You have to sort out Who you can trust, emotionally, intimately. Winter’s coming. The colors are changing. A Beautiful time of the Year. Perhaps that’s why Librans might be called the Sign of Beauty. Classically, when things come to equilibrium and harmonic flow. It is the time when you can stand up eggs and they wont fall over due to gravity. I know, because Ive proven this. Perhaps this is the time of the year when you can feel “the earth move, under your feet” (Carole King). In any case you can feel the new rhythms circulating through the body. Kidneys and “reins” are ruled by Libra, as the ears by reflex motion. Somewhat like being on the tightrope or balance beam, where complete concentration is dedicated to your particular fine art. This is the sign of trust, and social outreach. We all need partners. It is said that Libra is the “We” sign…what do WE do tonight, honey, Libra says to their mate..

And, this is when we establish our relationship to others legally, morally. Its called the sign associated with “Open Enemies”, or those who openly contest with others…but still resolution of conflicts, like when tribes stop fighting because of a marriage, like in the Pocahontas story, or when Jesus asks us to Love your enemies

Venus rules Libra and this year’s equinox has this love planet in Leo…the sign of the Heart. Maybe they should move up Valentine’s to the equinox moment!!!Be true and courageous to really express your heart.

Next of course is what we have mentioned earlier, when the whole solar system aligns with the Supergalactic center. Perhaps this is when we meet our celestial mates, or cosmic partners, but since its a Libran time no matter what happens our instinct for survival, especially socially, will kick in. The Fine Art of Social interaction. Wonder what that really means in this radical world of today.

The Moon will transit Capricorn from the 23rd through the 25th. This is when the dues from the outer planets are collected. A sort of pre ballot formulation before the next phase of the human experiment comes through. Earth is earth, and Capricorn energy has been overseeing the whole planet. We are in a high executive phase of “World Initiation.

The Governments of the world unite this last week of September on these days, deciding who the next president will be (!) On the 26th when the moon enters Aquarius, everyone runs for the hills, because it was collectively announced that the Revolution will move full speed ahead. Remember too that Jupiter, the hot air planet, has been powering forth the extreme political new world initiative (not necessarily consistent with the themes associated with World Initiation, which is a Spiritual Agenda that I hope the world will embrace consciously and wholeheartedly. Now this brings up the reality of frequencies, quantum, and ascension codes, which subject matter needs dearly to be researched. The old saying, “The Wise Man-person-rules His stars, the fool obeys them” is ever so appropriate for these times. I am sure NASA with all its technical expertise is still scrambling for information and insight into transformation realms. This truly is a new world and we have to become creatively proficient to live in it. But after all, if there are 6 billion earth like planets out there, what do we have to worry about?

Speaking of Einstein (sic) the Moon enters Pisces on the twenty-eighth (his zodiac sign), and it will virtually close out the month ending at 10:47 pm on the 30th. Of course, Saturn, the Lord of Karma, will be opening the portal of his rendezvous with Jupiter at the end of the year, 10:11 pm West, 1:11 am east (28th/29th respectively)

All in the umbrella of Pisces, the Moon conjunct Neptune (29th/30th). To mention it as though it were a secret tip, Venus and Mars will have an excellent romantic opportunity on the 28th, so make your dates and socializing correspond to take full advantage. The 30th ends perfectly at night when the Moon jumps into Aries to begin the next new fresh cycle which Full Moon harvests on October 1st!

Hallelujah, amen.

Brian Sandy

August 23, 2020