conforming absolutely to the description or definition of an ideal type:
a perfect sphere; a perfect gentleman.
excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement:

“Perfect” is the English translation of the ancient Aramaic word g’meera which means “whole”, “complete”, “inclusive” or “all-embracing”.

Even if you were not raised as a Christian or have ever even read the Bible before, you are probably at least familiar with the verse “Be perfect, as your Father in Heaven is perfect” [Matt 5:48]. The mis-interpretation of this phrase has caused tremendous suffering for countless people for two millenia. In order to release the intensity of belief that we must somehow live up to Godly ideals of perfection and flawlessness, we must first understand what the original word meant in Yeshua’s [Jesus] native tongue of ancient Aramaic.

G’meera mean “whole” and “all-inclusive”. It had nothing to do with being without flaw but rather was a conscious choice to nonjudgmentally embrace all that the present moment has to offer. This original meaning is diametrically opposite to our modern ideas of an anthropomorphised overlord Creator that we must somehow live up to. This self-condemnation will continue to abuse us until we consciously choose to acknowledge our own inherent Divinity and literally Oneness with our Eternal Creator. 

Sri Aurobindo expressed this truth beautifully in his book “The Life Divine”

“The apparently finite being who feels the stirring of an infinite within, can never be satisfied till these two are reconciled. Man is such a finite-seeming infinity and cannot fail to arrive at a seeking after the Infinite. He is the first son of earth who becomes vaguely aware of God within him, of his immortality or of his need for immortality, and the knowledge of which is a whip that drives and a cross of crucifixion until he is able to turn it into a source of infinite light and joy and power.”

When we look deep enough within, we ultimately realize that we already ARE that perfection that we have raced and sweated and read thousands of books to become. Our true Divinity will never come from acquiring more of anything. The magnitude of our true godliness is in fact revealed in direct proportion to how much we are able to let go of. It is the layers that we remove that reveal the immense beauty of our inner light. Only when we are able to embrace ourselves exactly as we are – right now in this moment – will we reveal the wholly perfected Being that we are.

[excerpted in part from Dale’s book “Echoes of an Ancient Dream: Aramaic Toning on the Path of Light”]