“Ophiolatreia, the worship of the serpent …  is one of the most remarkable … forms of religion the world has ever known. There is hardly a country of the ancient world where it cannot be traced, pervading every known system of mythology … Babylon, Persia, Hinduostan, Ceylon, China, Japan, Burma, Java, Arabia, Syria, Asia, Minor, Egypt, Ethiopia, Greece, Italy, Northern and Western Europe, Mexico, Peru, and America.” 

 –Hargrave Jennings, Ophiolatreia 

“All of the Logoi of all the ancient religious systems are connected with, and symbolized by, serpents. … It was the emblem of the resurrection of Nature, as also of Christ with the Ophites, and of Jehovah as the brazen serpent healing those who looked at him; the serpent being an emblem of Christ with the Templars also. … The symbol of Knouph… ‘is represented amoung [sic] other forms under that of a huge serpent on human legs; this reptile, being under the emblem of the good genius and the veritable Agathodaemon.’” 

–H.P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine 

“Serpent worship in some form has permeated nearly all parts of the earth. The serpent mounds of the American Indians; Python, the great snake of the Greeks; the sacred serpents of the Druids; the Midgard snake of Scandinavia; the Nagas of Burma, Siam, and Cambodia; the brazen serpent of the Jews; the mystic serpent of Orpheus; the snakes at the Oracle of Delphi twining themselves around the tripod upon which the Pythian priestess sat, the tripod itself being in the form of twisted serpents; the sacred serpents preserved in the Egyptian temples; the Uraeus coiled upon the foreheads of the pharaohs and priests; –all these bear witness to the universal veneration in which the snake was held.” 

–Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, p. 272

Snake worship and imagery were commonplace in almost every ancient culture around the world. What’s the deal with snakes? It is definitely a common thread worth investigating. I believe it all is connected to Yoga’s Kundalini. But it remains a mystery… Read more about Kundalini here: https://theeyeopening.com/kundalini/