Many of you may be aware of tapping, a way to process and release challenging emotions by applying gentle pressure to meridian points often used in acupuncture.  For more information about how to do it, check out:  Below is a quick and informative video of how this technique has helped people deal and heal even during the most difficult times.  You may know tapping as the emotional freedom technique or EFT, these are related and use similar principles.

At stressful times in my life I have used tapping daily and found great benefit.  It’s a useful way to allow emotions to arise and process them quickly while continuing to be fully engaged in very busy, socially demanding circumstances.

Whatever emotional balancing tools you use, remember it’s worth taking the time to tune in and shift upward & outward to the most expanded higher consciousness state you can access at any given moment.  Your life will flow better and your overall sense of well being will increase, and your health and your relationships will all benefit too!  Happy tapping! : )