In this short video Lynne McTaggart describes how we can create our own powerful healing and manifesting group, and a follow up video explains “why it works.”

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Check out author and changemaker Lynne McTaggart’s facebook group that shares positive stories and intentions regarding healing and empowered solutions.  Find interested others to co-create with across the miles or in your own town!

In this 7-minute youtube Lynne describes how to create and connect with a Power of Eight group of your own to powercharge your intentions and help others in a very remarkable way!  This works if everyone in your group is in the same place, and it also works if you connect through Zoom or another technology.  Space is no limitation!  Lynne’s research over the years shows that not only do people heal rapidly by focusing on their own healing and well being, they actually heal faster when focusing on the health and well being of others. Hmmm, that could be because we actually all are connected and the well being of one ripples out to all!

If you do join or create a Power of Eight group, let us know through Human Harmonics Heart Connect calls and instagram what results you get through this great experiment!

And if you are interested in learning more about how the Power of Eight works, check out this 6-minute video summary complete with illustrations

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Be well being authentically you!