Moving through this time of transition with flying colors calls for an understanding of how to connect personally to the field of possibilities.

In the “Thriving in the Midst of Change” 4-week online series MaryAnn presents information to engage and entertain the cognitive mind and couples it each week with an energetic experience to help you land in a place where you will grow and prosper.  The complete 4-week online series is now available.  Join us to discover what’s at play in the quantum field for you.

A brief summary of the 4-week series…

Week 1:  Introduction to the World of Energy – Possibilities at Play
We now know everything in the universe is ENERGY.  This foundational knowing launches the interaction and exploration of how thoughts, feelings and actions create results.  The outcome: a personal and professional reality by either design or default.
Week 2:  Your Personal Broadcasting System (PBS)
Explore the dynamic relationship between your PBS and your four Energetic Bodies in shaping outcomes that are always a unique vibrational YES!
Week 3:  Interrupting Limiting Loops
Moving to the next level of personal and professional growth often requires practicing a new skillset until it becomes second nature.
This week begin developing awareness skills to interrupt limiting loops.  When you choose differently, the energy around old patterns and past programs loosens it’s grip and opens the door for an energetic brain remap.  Result: a new experience.
Week 4: Lighten Up from Me to We
We come full circle in the series wrap-up. As we shape the future by connecting with aspirations + feelings, a harmonious special  surprise presents itself during the interactive Thrive Experience.  Enjoy this wonderful experience of co-creation and possibilities at play!

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