We are entering a new decade.  A decade that ushers in clarity with 20/20 vision.  A vision that allows us to see the world and ourselves differently.  To see with eyes of love, compassion, peace and harmony. To operate from our hearts instead of our heads.  This decade will teach us how to tap into our greatness by showing us that working in partnership and co-creating our world is far more powerful than going it alone.  

2020 is a also a 4 Universal Year (2 + 0 + 2 + 0 =4).  This means that we, as a humanity, are influenced by this 4 energy from January 1st 2020 to December 31st 2020.  4 energy is about what is real, tangible and physical.  It asks us to look at how we are showing up, what we are focusing on and what we are creating together.  It highlights the foundations that our world is built on and how we might be out of integrity. It highlights the moral compass that we have been following and checks in to see if we have been doing the right thing. It pushes us to get to work, plan ahead and be responsible.  It focuses on our physical reality on the planet. It shines a light on how we have been taking care of planet earth and how we can make her a better place. As a collective we are being asked to “get our ducks in a row”.  

For us individually, our personal Numerology is the most influential to our personal experiences, but we can use this available 4 energy to our advantage.  As individuals, this 4 energy encourages us to create long term, practical plans and to set realistic goals for achieving them. It gives us the perfect opportunity to build foundations for the life that we want to create and to bring those ideas into the physical world. It puts our behaviors and beliefs under a microscope so that we can see how we might be acting out of integrity or not being honest with ourselves and others.  It pushes us to be focused, take deliberate action and get organized. It requires us to look at our health and how we can improve it by supporting good wellness practices.  

Whether we are looking at how this 4 energy will impact us collectively or individually, it will be an amazing and powerful year.  We are being given the chance to tidy up our world and our lives and make them both productive, meaningful and beautiful. Here’s to 2020!