The Power in Understanding Your Soul’s Plan For You!!

We are all unique. Just look around.  We all have our own characteristics, desires, motivations, etc.  Many would say that we were born that way and some would say that our life circumstances made us who we are.  But, what if all of our characteristics, desires, motivations and life circumstances were created by us-by our own personal energy or frequency and not by chance or circumstance?  What if our souls chose all of it before we incarnated this time around? What if we had a way to interpret this plan? Well, guess what? Numerology gives us the tools to do just that.  It is based on the belief that our soul had a specific plan for us in this lifetime and our personal Numerology is our roadmap to it all.

This roadmap empowers us by showing us what our soul intended for us in this lifetime.  Knowing this allows us to find our alignment with our soul which is the most powerful place to be.  When we are in alignment with our true self, our soul self, our divine self, we are unlimited and can create incredible things in our lives; the things our soul intended.  When we are in alignment with that, we feel, joy, freedom, peace, and love. Because of life experiences or beliefs that we hold, many of us are only living out little pieces of what our soul intended and our lives can feel limited, hard and unfulfilling a lot of the time.    

Our personal Numerology gives us the power to change how we are living our lives.  It shows us how unique we are and that we have something special to share with the world.  We each have our own life purpose, strengths, gifts, desires, motivations and personalities, but also challenges or lessons to learn in this lifetime.  By understanding all of this, we have the opportunity to show up as our best selves; to embrace our strengths, to seek out our life purpose, to acknowledge our desires and to overcome our challenges.  We can achieve our dreams and reach out potential. We are being called to do this now more than ever!

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Jamie Marie Wey is a trained Numerologist and a certified Life and Intuitive Empowerment Coach.