…a great transition is upon us…

4/4 is a powerful day to create…join us!

Join Human Harmonics Live This Saturday as we come together with millions of other like hearted people around the globe to help shift humanity from the state of fear into the frequency of LOVE where all possibilities of health, abundance, compassion, joy, creativity and innovation exist.


Nia, Ellen, Barbara and the team will be on a live ZOOM call at 9 am PDT. 

We will connect our hearts to root ourselves in the Human Harmonics family we’ve become, set our intentions as the powerful co-creators we are, and amplify it out to help heal the world.

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Then as we remain connected in our hearts and intentions, we invite you

to an amazing event at FB.COM/UNIFY for an all day Live Global Broadcast featuring the world’s greatest leaders in thought, science, and spirituality who each wish to share with us their unique perspectives, wisdom and insights in regards to the times we are in, and how we can best move forward as individuals, and as a species. We welcome the world’s spiritual leaders and luminaries, wisdom keepers, scientific geniuses, and incredible live musical performances to bring us into unity, truth,and love during these times of seeming chaos. 


Throughout the day as you are so inspired…AND


At exactly 7:45 pm PST Be sure to return (either literally or with your intentions/cosmically) for a Collective Moment of Global Synchronized Meditation and Prayer hosted on by UNIFY.org

A great transition is upon us… OUR RESPONSE MATTERS

Enjoy this inspiring meditation led by Barbara on a Heart Empowered call held last week!