Let’s connect our heart energies to be a blessing to the world!

Let’s take a moment and focus together on connecting within to that deep well of inner peace always available to us.  Breathe deeply, slowly and lovingly. Drop into that loving heart energy and feel all those who are connected to the vibration of love around the world connecting to you!  Let that energy of support and wellbeing wash over you. Cultivate that feeling for as long as you choose, and then imagine drawing the unlimited energy of Source toward your body with your hands.  Then “pack” that energy into a condensed ball of light and love with your hands in front of your navel area. This “chi” can be used in many ways. Send it to a part of your body that needs some tlc, or let it build up in your heart and then blast it out to the whole world, (even the whole cosmos, as you prefer) and see this VERY REAL POWER OF LOVE flowing to where it is needed most.  

THANK YOU!  We have just helped by adding a calming balm to collective consciousness and changing the world to more LOVE!  YaY!

Consider repeating this practice of loving awareness on these dates and subjects of heightened world energy:

  • International Women’s Day  March 8
  • The vernal equinox  March 19
  • International day of happiness March 20


Other days of world energy focus this month include wildlife, water, poetry…

It doesn’t matter if you are reading this when the dates have passed, this kind of vibrational energy works beyond space and time and has a positive effect no matter when or where you send it. Love is the greatest power there is!

Follow your inspiration to uplift yourself and others in novel, fun ways.  And if inspired, share your happiness action on social media, and keep the goodness rippling out in larger ways!

Thanks and blessings!