In astrology charts, the Ascendant is ostensibly the most important point to consider…the Sun notwithstanding. This is because the word Horoscope means “hour” of birth. It is why we need to have the most accurate time of birth. The horoscope really is the whole chart as seen from the ascending sign, which is the zodiac sign seen rising in the Eastern Horizon when the infant soul takes its first independent breath.

 The Ancients were only concerned about this position and calculated the entire Destiny of the newborn. The accepted theory and philosophy was that the Soul/Ego entered this world through the sign on the Ascendant, and was also, therefore influenced by its rays, to begin to create the Self-Image of the person throughout their whole life. It is well known that because of this fact, this relationship, the Ascendant was and still is the most important astrological symbol for one’s Physical Appearance and consequently Health, Also the sign Rising indicated the Soul’s Classroom in this Incarnation one’s intention, Destiny and Fortunes…

It actually gets quite complex because planets will be rising also “on the Ascendant” shaping and characterizing the soul’s body and projection of image to the world. The Ascendant is where the 12th house meets the first house. The Ascendant is the Dividing Line between the “world” (12th house) and one’s personal Self (1st house).It could be considered that the 12th house signified the Mother’s Womb, and the first house is the most physical, the womb most spiritual or undifferentiated. The 12th house is often the one deemed to be the one closest to Heaven. The Ascendant is the most Sacred degree in the Zodiacal natal chart. It is to be guarded and protected and there are many astrologers who traditionally do not reveal this information. And this factor alone suggests that the 12th house, classically known as hidden enemies, would seek to subvert the birth process if undetected or left unprotected.

So the time of birth must be reckoned by the “first independent breath”, most holy and rhythmically attuned to the Soul Purpose.

There are traditionally 12 Zodiac Signs, some human, some animal, some otherwise. For whatever reason, the traits of these symbols are transferred to

actual physical caricatures of the person’s appearance. In practice, there are undeniable resemblances to one’s actual shape and appearance. From an artist’s viewpoint, certain features are clearly seen, but in an objective way. Just like Leo the Lion has Sun sign characteristics similar to the King of Beasts, so does the Rising Sign clearly show lion like traits if Leo is Rising. Leo Rising therefore brings these qualities of appearance to register in that person’s bodily appearance, such as having flowing hair and trim waist broader shoulders. In depicting Rising Signs then, one must be objective when describing traits but they are unmistakingly true .

It is perhaps a mystery how this all came to be. But Occult legend suggests that our human evolutionary path procured these traits over millenia. For example, Leo rules the Heart and Spine and when you see a Lion’s Pride, it is easy to recognize that these animals have strong hearts and backs, spines. An interesting note is that when Lions roar or yawn, they are exercising their heart muscles, which would be a good thing. Leo is an emotional sign so perhaps when attending sports events, theater or concerts, we are allowed to exercise our emotions/heart/blood circulation. Further, Leo is the sign that symbolizes such things as vacations and recreation. A soul with Leo on the Ascendant, therefore, is fond of strength and risk taking, having fun, playing. But because Leo rises in a chart, these souls come into this planet to be spontaneous and powerful, creative and self-expressive. This is because the Sun, the heart vitality center, rules their horoscope…!Leo is called a Fixed, Fire Sign, massively passionate and Willful. One would have to be cautious about issues with Heart, blood and circulation, the back and/or spine. It is the sign one of four that is called “the pillars of the zodiac. After all, they are the King.


Now I consider Virgo to be the Archetype Sign of Health and Hygiene, consequently they have a clean aura or appearance. They are the Disciples of the Zodiac, born to serve and work hard. With Certain exceptions, Virgo Rising brings strong abdomens and a lean body, because they are always at work. They have strong nervous dispositions, focusing on a multitude of details. The phrase “labor of Love” appears through this sign, and if you are not working at what you love, you will become sick. This sign is notorious for focusing on the smallest things. But whereas Leo was a “large animal” sign, Virgoans are usually identified with “small pet” features. Yes, indeed, there are certain chin characteristics, broader smiles, nervous temperament. You will have to do the research. But like the saying goes, you cant have two Masters, God and Mammon. So Virgo’s lesson is discrimination and discretion. It is the Virgin, consequently purity, chastity, and holiness. But it is clearly seen in the Virgo Rising type the conflict of what is necessity

vs an indiscrete waste of time. Virgo is an Earth-Mutable sign thus a more swarthy earthy look than other signs. It is the sign also of busy-ness, business.

Libra is neither human nor animal, but being the sign symbolized by the Scales of Justice one finds the Libra Ascendant ever appearing poised, aesthetic, well-balanced. Tips for observing a Libra Ascendant are, refined, airy countenance, pleasant appearance, and feet turned outward, like a Ballerina or ballet dancer. They are physically quite concerned about keeping their balance and poise, and it shows.  This is an Air/Cardinal sign, always in motion, and, being ruled by Venus, highly concerned about their beauty and appearance. It being also the sign of Relationships they always incorporate “We” into their posture. Libra rising incarnates to bring balance, equality, and Justice, and a higher sensitivity to the Equilibrium of the Cosmos. The Archangel Michael is said to rule or guard LIbra, hence all forms of natural and spiritual laws are ever recorded in their auric field. Libra Rising always acts like a Prism, filtering out impurities. It rules the Kidneys and reins (lower back).They are highly sensitive to impurity, but being an Air Sign it is the Intellectual disposition that wins out. They are sensitive to color and heat Often more tall than not, somewhat angular and amenable 

Scorpio rising brings immediate intensity to the physical bodily appearance.When you are in the presence of one who has this sign Ascending you can feel their emotions and body shivering almost, as they are in a state of metabolism unlike other signs.This is because they are a Fixed, Water sign, very psychic and intuitive and given to see your secrets right away.Scorpio tends to make people uncomfortable because of their natural ability to go to the core with any body they contact. They would make good detectives or secret service agents. They are highly intelligent in an emotional kind of way. They are often lean but sinewy; poised to strike sort of. This is that Scorpion tag. But higher types are more like Eagles, and you can recognize a Scorpio Ascendant by their prominent nose. Scorpio comes into to get to the truth of a matter and their life class lesson indicates a need to consummate and be effectively decisive. Like when they were in other lifetimes and wobbled or vacillated, they come in to take care of matters. You therefore can see it in their posture, with strong intention to couple with you in some way. Human sexuality is a Scorpio thing They make great healers when evolved. Reproduction, regeneration, transformation are their keywords, eliminating what is no longer useful. They are the top promoters of ” let go”!

Sagittarius Rising emphasizes the hips, pelvis, sciatica, and most noticeably these areas of the body are more recognizable that other signs. I always think of a Sagittarius Rising being like a powerful cross country skier, thrusting forth with strong thigh movements. You can see their strength. Sagittarius has for its symbol the Centaur, the horse, so you can see the obvious connection.(!)It is a fire sign which is spirit passion thus Sagittarius has a strong

lusty kind of wildlife, if you study the mythology of centaurs. Jupiter is said to Rule Sagittarius, and it is a Lucky planet so called. So Sagittarius has a bit of gamesmanship, sportsmanship in its loins (so to speak. Sagittarius types usually espouse the outdoors or physical participation in open spaces. They don’t like being penned in. But this sign has a highly developed sense of morality, and can be construed to have a religious or spiritual nature highlighted in their incarnation. Whereas Scorpio came in to finalize and consummate, Sagittarius is the proponent of the more lofty matters of life, hence travel, education, the very Superconscious, appeals to their unbridled dispositions. A Sagittarius Rising can also be recognized by a more dome shaped head. 

Sagittarians are explorers, travelers, even a bit nomadic, adventurers and given to visions and future prophecy. It can easily be seen, then, the link between the Sage and the namesake Zodiac sign! It represents a soul’s desire to create new futures…

Capricorn Ascending has an iconic animal figure as its symbol, which is the Mountain Goat. The psychological attributes are its tenacity and ambition to climb carefully to the top, even if it slips and falls, it gets right back on its journey. In the old astrology books, the thin shaggy body was therefore akin to one whose ascendant is Capricorn (Capricious?).The thinness reflects in the sparsely haired body/body type of this Sign on the Ascendant. So also the Capricorn archetype refers to the skeleton, the bones, and integumentary system. Capricorn types are rugged earthy, neither firey nor moist.(like fire signs or water signs).Capricorn is a dry sign, but also exists as a kind of crystalline body. Capricorns come to execute what Sagittarians have envisioned. Thus they are called the executive types. Practical achievers reaching the mountain top for their sheer endurance and pluck. They are probably the most socialized sign, often found in the ranks of politicians and leaders of industry and finances. Credit is a highly sensitive word for the Capricorn type, as is Capital. So their Ascendant body type, also ruled by Saturn, reflects a hard life sprinkled with achievement and gains in social standing, or, credit. You can recognize them by the appearance of their knees, joints and elbows. Because of the spry Mountain goat’s agility, they can be found in the realms of dancers and lithe performers. Theirs is the Law of Karma written in their genes!

Aquarius rising brings to the front some of the most unusual appearances in the Zodiac. When an Aquarius Rising enters the room, everyone can sense their presence when not even seeing them They bring an advanced electromagnetic aura into a space, awakening others from slumber. It is called The Awakener, and is ruled by the genius planet Uranus. Aquarius Rising is your classical eccentric, non-conforming and very different; to them, their world is preeminently normal.But not to others. You see they are designed to, change the design, and as such are classified as Reformers, Radicals, rebels, even when they hold very conservative values. At any rate, their appearance is somewhat electrifying, and no matter what you were doing before they came into the room, by the time you left you were automatically a changed soul, and your soul journey pathway significantly altered. Aquarius is a Human sign, known as the Water Bearer. But it’s not a water sign. They are an Air sign, as the symbol portrays pouring Divine Water on humanity. Aquarius may well rule waterfalls and hydroelectric power, but they are telluric magical beings. Astrologers give them the title of Pattern of the Human Archetype. They are human oriented, found in idealistic endeavor and Utopian pursuits. It is possible to see colors in their body aura even when its seems they are not there at all. Aquarian Ascendants are looking like cosmic alchemists!!!

Pisces on the Ascendant. How quickly the image shifts when we discuss Pisces Rising. The Fishes. How am I to describe what to look for in this watery mutable sign? Fish? OK, yes, to be honest. Pisces tends to have a more narrow flatter face, and pronounced, glamorous lips. Their feet are highlighted in some unusual way. Pisces as a sign rules the Feet, and the lymphatic system the immune system, and, being a water sign, the liquids of the body, and especially have a ” sea-like” appearance or demeanor. There is always something etheric or otherworldly about this sign. Their beauty is almost mermaid like, even with the men. They are perhaps the most intuitive sensitive psychic sign . They are the signs most in need of protection from predators. That’s why Color is a predominant necessity to deflect unwanted invasion. Remember too that Pisces is the 12th sign, the last one, and therefore is a mixture of all the sign energies before it. It has been called the sign of self-undoing, or, fantastic confidence (faith, belief, and spirit)It is said that a majority of war generals have this sign emphasized, because it has the ability to act behind the scenes. Pisces Rising brings the soul to an ending of many lifetimes, so it is here to finish “unfinished business”, especially to karmic debts. In a way, it has to be totally successful, to escape the wheel of Rebirth. It is a mystery sign, and on the Ascendant one can observe all kinds of flotsam and jetsam, yet the body rises to perfection in spiritual victory which makes it most beautiful indeed! In Pisces rising there is much compassion, longsuffering and Divine Insight. They have the ability to exhibit true Clairvoyance…

Aries Rising presents a whole other picture. It is the Animal Sign, of the Lamb, or Ram. It is the sign that rules the Head, face, Brain. So just look at an Aries Rising person, and, if you are objective, you can see those characteristics appear prominently in the appearance of the head and face similar to those animals. Ears, nose, etc But it also reflects the Warrior type, strong nose, helmet fastened on the head. Aries Ascendants have superior brain capacity, and in occult lore the heart, Leo, is raised to the Head, the Flower, so another way to see Aries is to recognize “The Flowering” of raising heart energy to head. Then Aries Ascending seems to transcend the Lamb/Ram characteristics. Aries is said to alternate between the lamb, meek and quiet and the ram, butting headfirst into the world. Aries is the sign of the Self. It can exist by its own merits, by its own set of skills, and hard drive. It is an impetuous adventurous pioneering sign, and is also one of the three fire signs, so very passionate and enterprising. It is also a Cardinal sign, like Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, so that it assumes leadership roles with ease and anticipation. So Aries Souls come into the world to lead others-and themselves-into new cycles, fresh starts. So they may tire after so much exertion and flop out. But the next morning they are up like the rose bud, you know, the new flowering. After all, they are the sign of spring. Mars and Pluto are rulers of this incarnation type, strongly affecting the adrenals and the Neo-Cortex, or the survival part of the brain. Aries has a dry, but fiery look, and you always notice their head first. They have been called the Architects of the Zodiac…

Taurus on the Ascendant brings the Archetype and symbol of The Bull,or the Bovine family. And, of course, the illustration of a Taurus Rising Body must emphasize qualities of those animals. Strong, silent (sort of)(!). Very sensual, very earthy. There is a distinction, of course, between the power bull and the bovine liquidity of the cow. In either sense, this Earth sign is generally more slow in appearance, but with much endurance. Taurus Rising types are usually squared off in the shoulders ready to rampage, but makes them quite capable of expressing all sorts of physical pursuits, such as heavy labor, or any profession requiring physical agility and ability. But the main characteristic of a Taurus Rising is the liquid almost sleepy eyes, and the gentle sway of the back. It is ruled by Venus which unlike Libra, that shows a refined aesthetic almost intellectual aura, Venus flows through Taurus in the most beautiful, grounded way. When Taurus is involved in Romance, it is very physical.  People born with Taurus Rising are designed to be majorly productive and they are thus the Builders-and Sculptors-of the Zodiac.

Gemini Ascending hearkens the characteristics of the light-flitting butterfly and has been compared to the quick moving birds of the earth. Their bodies are consequently light nd airy, almost elf like, or elemental. They have quick and alert eyes, like the birds. Being an Air sign (Mind)and the sign of the Twins, they have a dualistic quality which makes their bodies always to seem nervous, and restless. The Higher Vibration of Gemini takes on the worlds of literature, art, and science. Their ruling planet is Mercury, which rules the nervous system. They need to develop eloquence and an advanced mind-set. But the appearance of Gemini can be quite poetic, or Shakespearean. It is their wit that seems to make them more flexible and versatile, able to adapt to any situation easily. Gemini has a great need to move about, like the butterfly, and this sign rules the Lungs and breathing so it is they who can demonstrate and teach about breathing and the oxygen of the environment. They are good at writing and speech evolution, singing and composing. They are also quite bonded to relatives.Their Life lesson is to communicate, commune, explore the air waves (make good radio and tv personalities)…

Cancer, the Moon child, on the Ascendant, brings a healthy watery intuitive appearance to the body. It is the sign of Yin-Yang, the Mother sign, yet embodying male and female energies as a mother would. There is always something mysterious, alluring, compelling about Cancer Rising, because it is the sign that holds the souls of humanity. Very intuitive, strong feelings, shy, yet aggressive and often bold. It is the sign of the Soul family, natural and genetic also. It is a nurturing sign that has very unique hands, presumably extensions of feeling and touching. Because it is ruled by the Moon, it has a slightly lighter appearance, moist and embracing. The Soul purpose of Cancer Rising is reflective, bringing ancient soul lineage to create new lineages of renewed memories and clans. Cancerians are generally protective of themselves but need to extend out for emotional intimacy. But often they need to return to the soft underbelly under the hard shell. They can be somewhat moody, being ruled by the Moon, but that is because they have inordinate popularity. Cancerians are cardinal signs, ready for action, a noticeable trait.

These twelve sign descriptions will vary when planets are also in the Ascendant. And the three most important factors are Sun, Moon, Rising Sign. Each creates a variable, changing the meaning. When reading a horoscope, all these factors must be blended and synthesized. This is the Art of Interpretation. 

There are at the least level 144/1728 combinations of planet Ascendant combinations!